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Technical Facility Management

10 benefits of FM

we carry out all our FM operations systematically to minimize duplication and maximize functionality and process integration.

10 benefits of FM

in all areas of Facility Management, we use advanced technologies that help us provide a fast, environmentally friendly, safe and professional approach to problem-solving.

Operation and maintenance of building technology

Technical Facility Management is the backbone of our service portfolio. The excellent technical condition of a building and minimum malfunctions in the technology installed there are a guarantee of a pleasant user environment free of any adverse effects. That is why this service is used by so many of our customers.

We view technical Facility Management holistically, as a systemic and integrated activity most often including:

  • the operation and maintenance of building technology,
  • regular monitoring, checks and expert technical inspections in accordance with applicable Czech and EU legislation,
  • the management of operational documentation,
  • repairs, response to emergencies,
  • the operation of a technological control room and emergency services with a guaranteed response time,
  • other activities, depending on your requirements (design and technical status surveys of technological equipment and the recording of the data obtained via CAFM software).

All operations are carried out by our qualified personnel, who have the relevant expertise and use modern technology, enabling us to provide a fast and professional response in case of emergency. We place an emphasis on effective prevention to avoid any unexpected malfunctions, guarantee faults and any potential loss of property or danger to health.

Wide range of technology under management

Our technical Facility Management services mainly focus on the following types of technology:

  • technheating, air conditioning and ventilation technology,
  • high-voltage wiring,
  • low-current devices (fire and security systems, CCTV, data networks, access and attendance systems, etc.)
  • drinking, service and sewage water technology,
  • lifts,
  • gatehouse - doors, gates and barriers,
  • special equipment and facilities, depending on your needs and the building characteristics (e.g. swimming pools and wellness facilities).

Investment to technical Facility Management is returned many times over because it brings immediate results in the form of savings in operational costs. The optimization and suitable integration of all technologies used in a property will also have an effect in the future, as properly configured technical Facility Management will prolong the life of a building and add value to it.

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