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Property Management

10 benefits of FM

Saving of expenses...
we can slash your costs by optimizing unprofitable services and tackling the inefficient use of property.

10 benefits of FM

we always strive to ensure that the FM relationship between us and the client is built on partnership and mutual trust.

We provide Property Management in tandem with Facility Management services. We take care of all administrative, economic and business processes associated with the ownership of your property.

Business and economic services

  • representation of the client in agreed matters in relation to third parties,
  • contract management,
  • the keeping and updating of a register of owners / tenants, the handover of non-residential premises and buildings,
  • calculations of operating costs and compliance with the approved financial plan,
  • billing, collection, checks on the timeliness of payments, reminders,
  • double-entry accounting,
  • the settlement of service billing overpayments and underpayments,
  • checks and payment of supplier invoices,
  • economic and tax consulting, accounting audits, business records.

Legal services

  • representation of the owner′s interests in relation to third parties,
  • the formation of Unit Owner Associations in accordance with applicable legislation,
  • the conclusion, monitoring of the performance, and termination of rental and other operating contracts,
  • applications for entries in the Commercial Register,
  • the conclusion of insurance contracts and owner representation in the handling of claims,
  • management of complaints and recovery of debts,
  • energy supply contracting - electricity, water, gas and heat.

Administration of the bodies and assets of public limited companies

  • administration of the tangible and financial assets of the bodies of public limited companies,
  • organization of meetings of the Board of Directors, Supervisory Board, General Meeting,
  • the keeping and updating of a register of shareholders,
  • the organization of business activities,
  • the management of contracts with suppliers and individual shareholders, management of the administrative agenda, articles of association and internal policies of public limited companies,
  • negotiations with government authorities, courts, insurance companies and third parties,
  • management of the financial, accounting and tax agenda,
  • the preparation of monthly accounts, the budget, annual financial statements, annual reports and reports on related party relations, VAT returns and property tax returns.

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