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Infrastructural Facility Management

10 benefits of FM

we consistently do our best to adapt Facility Management services to your specific operations.

10 benefits of FM

Saving of expenses...
we can slash your costs by optimizing unprofitable services and tackling the inefficient use of property.

For smoothly functioning infrastructure at your property

Even the very best technical status of a building will fall short unless it is linked to a precisely configured system of infrastructure services which effectively coordinate building users, building premises and basic operations into a single functional unit called Facility Management.

Infrastructural Facility Management encompasses numerous everyday activities that differ from one organization to another. We have a wealth of practical experience in this field, allowing us to be flexible and effortlessly arrange for maximum adaptation to your specific operations and needs and to the individual characteristics of your property.

Infrastructural Facility Management usually involves the following basic activities:

  • security, concierge services, key and card management,
  • cleaning services,
  • maintenance of greenery,
  • waste collection and disposal,
  • the operation, maintenance, servicing and delivery of information technology,
  • printing, copying and office supplies,
  • furnishings,
  • stock management and supply,
  • the operation of a central mail room, postal services or an information call centre,
  • regular monitoring and reporting.

We are in a position to respond flexibly to all incidents and ensure the smooth running of operations at all times. We have many skilled workers who are capable of analysing inadequately optimized processes and proposing solutions.

Turnkey operational services

If necessary, the above list of services can be expanded to include turnkey services customized just for you. These include:

  • superior postal and secretarial services,
  • the provision and management of working clothes and tools,
  • catering (food and drink vending machines etc.),
  • interior maintenance in addition to cleaning,
  • care of interior greenery,
  • many other services according to your requirements (including personal services).

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