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Energy Management

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How to use your energy efficiently

Comprehensive Energy Management provided by STRABAG Property and Facility Services is an elegant combination of reduced energy costs and compliance with applicable Czech and EU laws, with an emphasis on environmental friendliness.

Its primary objective is to optimize the production, supply and consumption of energy. Energy Management is a complex process involving the primary collection of data and information about energy consumption, thorough analysis, the drafting of energy-saving measures and monitoring of their operation in practice. We place equal emphasis on all these stages to achieve the greatest possible savings while maintaining the highest quality service.

Efficient management of utility consumption

We recommend using our offer of an external energy officer. Although the job description of this officer is not regulated by Czech legislation, the position should be filled by a competent person capable of keeping energy under control in order to contribute to the effective, energy-efficient operation of the premises. The difference in energy costs can be quite considerable even when minor changes are made. The activities of a building′s energy officer could cover the following sort of range:

  • the management of contracts and related documents,
  • the processing and forwarding of prescribed technical reports to the parties concerned in accordance with the organization′s business conditions and applicable Czech laws,
  • the annual preparation and negotiation of contracts for the supply and distribution of utilities,
  • the planning, evaluation and negotiation of utility supplies with suppliers,
  • the taking of main readings and evaluation of the actual values,
  • checks of supplier invoices,
  • the energy management of a building′s operations in accordance with set levels of regulation and the regulatory plan,
  • consultancy services,
  • reporting - monthly and annual processing of statements and diagrams about energy consumption, statistical, volume and price evaluations, optimization measures.

We will also organize energy audits and compliance with energy performance conditions and will help you obtain an energy performance certificate.

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