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Design and technical status surveys


  • Computer Aided Facility Management
  • An IT system designed to support the management of FM processes at your organization
10 benefits of FM

Accent on information...
we use specialized CAFM software to ensure complete customer awareness, which so important in Facility Management.

It is essential to have accurate information ...

Integrated Facility Management can be effective only if all of your organization′s activities are optimized and integrated as much as possible, your property is fully utilized and your staff achieve high productivity. The larger the organization, the harder this goal is, so we use specialized CAFM software, which is an effective tool for managing Facility Management processes. CAFM provides you with clear information on:

  • buildings, their capacity, occupancy rate, utilization, ...
  • facilities and equipment, and the use and technical condition, ...
  • internal documents (plans, internal policies and other materials)
  • contracts, business partners, subcontractors, ...
  • internal tasks, deadlines, decision-making processes, ...
  • rights and access to the building
  • other detailed information (key management, the fleet of vehicles, etc.)

The data collected via the CAFM system are stored in the form that suits you best so that you can easily edit them, update them, sort them by various filters, compare them, analyse them, and add photographs or graphics (e.g. link it to a CAD system). Put simply, so that you can work with the data neatly and ...

... and be able to use it efficiently

Most organizations have the above information at their disposal to varying degrees. The key to successful Facility Management lies in proper integration and adaptation to the specifics of your organization and to your expectations of the CAFM system. If configured correctly, CAFM software delivers the following advantages in particular:

  • reduced building management costs due to maximum use of capacity, occupancy, ...
  • the longer life of building equipment and facilities, clear management of repairs, monitoring, inspections, purchases or sales, ...
  • integration with other information systems within the company (ERP, DMS, CAD, GIS systems, ...)
  • integration with request systems, the dispatching centre, the HelpDesk
  • faster decision-making processes, workflow
  • a simplified strategy for financing plans, the future costs of individual buildings and parts thereof, ...
  • manage of deadlines, activities, tasks and the allocation thereof
  • clear output in the form of reports and analyses, ...
  • data security in the form of a database access system respecting your needs or the structure of your organization
  • and many other benefits

We will be happy to advise you on all matters relating to the implementation of the CAFM system suggesting the best solution for you.

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