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Consultancy services

Consultancy in the field of managed property

Comprehensice analysis

  • technical due diligence
  • analysis of asset potential, identification of potential operational savings
  • analysis of current building operation from the point of view of standards on the market, valid legislation for cost optimisation etc.
  • benchmarking of operational costs with real estate of a similar nature
  • analysis of operational risks in terms of the building portfolio
  • elaboration of technical studies and appraisals of project documentation for proposed reconstruction and revitalisation of construction or energy complexes
  • technical condition inventory of construction and technological property features, preparation of materials for decision-making on the method of disposal of a real estate portfolio

 Analysis of building operation efficiency

  •  elaboration of energy audits, energy performance certificates (EPC)
  • elaboration of energy studies, fuel and energy saving studies
  • thermographic measuring of thermal leakage on building envelopes, overheating of electrical circuits, checks on the functionality of ventilation and air-conditioning equipment and outlets
  • identification of an optimum energy supply partner (optimisation of local distribution system relations)
  • check on compliance of operation with the valid legislation – performance of checks on the effectiveness of boilers and air-conditioning systems
  • inspectional processing or appraisal of heat loss from project document and assessment with boiler room output
  • energy monitoring system for heating system boilers

Proposal for optimisation of FM services

  • support for strategic decision-making on purchase of services (insourcing x outsourcing)
  • proposal of potential chances in provision of specific FM services
  • evaluation of the profitability of investments in the field of support services
  • proposal for measures to eliminate risks or decrease the frequency of their occurrence
  • elaboration of feasibility studies for implementation of economy measures and specification of their realistic payback time
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