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Administrative Facility Management

10 benefits of FM

we carry out all our FM operations systematically to minimize duplication and maximize functionality and process integration.

An effective tool for efficient administration

The optimization of your organization′s support processes relies on clearly defined processes and their maximum efficiency. However, this is rare in administration, and rampant paperwork impedes systematic, smoothly functioning Facility Management.

Administrative Facility Management ensures the simple, transparent management of administration at your organization. Our service package is an effective tool and a valuable assistant in the outsourcing of support processes. We are a reliable and trustworthy partner and consistently take care to ensure that information and assets are secure, so all your data is absolutely safe.

Administrative Facility Management can be neatly summed up by the following most frequent activities:

  • representation of the client in relation to third parties,
  • contract management, the planning and organization of periodic checks,
  • supervision of the fixing of guarantee defects, the processing and control of operational documentation and key management factors,
  • fire protection and occupational health and safety,
  • optimization of operating costs,
  • measures to deal with emergencies (natural disasters),
  • regular reporting,
  • management of project documentation,
  • waste record-keeping.

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