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STRABAG PFS Group - Visions Turning Fact

STRABAG PFS Group is a one-stop service provider for any kind of real estate service, and one of Europe's leading real estate service providers. With a workforce of 14,250 employees, the company manages properties in many European countries.

In Germany, STRABAG PFS Group counts among the leading real estate service providers, in Hungary and Slovakia is the market leader. In Austria, Poland, Slovenia, Croatia, Romania, the Russian Federation and in the Czech Republic provides wide range of Property and Facility Management Services. All countries where is STRABAG PFS active on local markets you can see on map below.

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Our gauge: Your contentment

STRABAG PFS Group does not measure its competence solely in square metres under management. A characteristic attribute of STRABAG PFS Group is a high degree of customer satisfaction that is reflected in long-term customer relationships and confidence of prestigious European brands such as Allianz, IVG, Deutsche Telekom, T-Mobile Deutschland, Generali and many more.

Frankfurt, Budapest, Warsaw - We are wherever you are

A diverse portfolio of reference buildings shows the complexity of Real Estate and Facility Management services provided by STRABAG PFS Group. The most significant reference buildings are administrative centres such as The Squaire in Frankfurt am Main, Ten Towers and HVB Tower in Munich, IZD Tower in Vienna or Grand Center Zagreb in Zagreb, buildings of public administration including real estates of Hungarian National Bank or 4 German Government Departments with 17 buildings in Berlin, hotel and residential buildings, for example Grand Hotel Polonia in Warsaw or Hamovniki residential complex in Moscow, but also industrial facilities such as SlovNaft refinery in Bratislava.

STRABAG PFS Group also provides Real Estate and Facility Management services in more than 600 T-Punkt shops and in Deutsche Telekom AG Sample of 250 properties across Germany.

Using certified competence to turn ideas into reality

Our human resources development is based on a concept of partnership between the company and its employees. The idea is to reinforce the professional and leadership competence as well as the motivation of each employee. This way STRABAG PFS Group makes sure that its employees meet client´s requirements on the high level expected.

STRABAG PFS Group pays attention to rigorous quality policy. This includes, but is not limited to, strict service criteria and testable quality indicators, and employees with a high degree of owner identification, high level of expertise and many years of experience.

Our services are broadly positioned - With a love for details

The idea of good Facility Management provided by STRABAG PFS Group is this - you are not supposed to notice it. All services work hand in hand and guarantee a smooth workflow for client´s core business. A holistic approach ensures that we never loose sight of the big picture, but we also paid great attention to all small details concerning provided services.

Networked services are always worth more than the mere sum of their parts. That is what makes our Real Estate Management the perfect partner to complement Facility Management needs. As a one-stop real estate provider. STRABAG PFS Group offers the entire service spectrum of Real Estate Management (Property Management and Area Management) and Facility Management (Technical and Infrastructural Facility Management).

For further information about complete integrated service catalogue please visit STRABAG PFS Group website www.strabag-pfs.com

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