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10 benefits of FM

Facility Management

"An integrated process to support and improve the effectiveness of the primary activities of an organization by the management and delivery of agreed support services."
(European standard ČSN EN 15 221-1)

Facility Management - A new name for an old business

Facility Management has accompanied us down the ages, regardless of the fact that we would hardly have labelled those seeing to the running of ancient palaces or medieval fortresses as "facility managers". Even now, though, the terminology in this industry is by no means uniform. An attempt at standardization has been made by the European standard ČSN EN 15 221-1 "Facility Management - Terms and Definitions".

Rather than immersing yourself for ages in lengthy documents and dictionaries, contact a professional partner for competent advice on the specific Facility Management requirements of your property. Feel free to contact us for a consultation. We′ll be happy to help.

We present 10 benefits of Facility Management - The advantages of turning to STRABAG PFS

Clients who use our integrated services enjoy many benefits that help them to focus exclusively on their core business. We have attempted to sum up the most important benefits:

Saving of expenses
We can slash your costs by optimizing unprofitable services and tackling the inefficient use of property.

In all areas of Facility Management, we use advanced technologies that help us to provide a fast, environmentally friendly, safe and professional approach to problem-solving.

Due to managing a wide range of buildings throughout the Czech Republic, we are able to provide Facility Management for many types of real estate, no matter of their size or construciton size.

Accent on information
We use specialized CAFM software to ensure complete customer awareness, which is so important in Facility Management.

Brand name
The incorporation into STRABAG PFS brand has provided an enhanced know-how, proved to be highly functional throughout Europe. 

Active approach
We approach all project phases actively, carefully analyzing data and reports and frequently proposing better solutions.

Guarantee of quality
ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 and ISO 50001 certification serve as client′s guarantee that our services will be of the highest quality.

We always strive to ensure that the FM relationship between us and the client is built on partnership and mutual trust.

We consistently do our best to adapt Facility Management services to your specific operations.

We carry out all our FM operations systematically to minimize duplication and maximize functionality and process integration.

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